Cycling Tour in Uda from Haibara Station


Let’s cycle around the old castle town of Uda in the backcountry of Nara prefecture!

Located about an hour by train from Osaka, Uda city lies on a 300-meter-high plateau.
From ancient times it had strong ties to the sacred places of Kumano and Yoshino,
and to the former capitals in Japan. In the Middle Ages, the Matsuyama district flourished as a castle town with a vivid merchants’ quarter.
The streets lined with their shops look just as they did in the Edo period, 200-250 years ago, and it would be no surprise to see Samurai walking about.
It has been designated as Conservation District of Traditional Buildings by the Japanese government.

Cycling through the satoyama landscape, experiencing calligraphy, one of Japan’s traditional arts, and getting a glimpse of how people lived 200 years ago are all part of this tour

Experience traditional Japan with all your five senses in Uda!
We look forward to welcoming you!
Let’s get started!

What to Expect

After renting an e-bike at Haibara station on the Kintetsu Line we enjoy a leisurely one-hour-ride along rivers and paddy fields where the nobles once might have taken a stroll.

Time for Lunch!

The water in Uda used to be considered ‘blessed water’ and was specially delivered to the Imperial Court in the old days.
Its pureness is one reason why sake breweries came into existence in this region.
Let’s sit down to a nice lunch cooked with this special spring water!

Strolling through the Picturesque Old Town
The old merchant buildings lining the streets in the Matsuyama district  have very impressive latticed windows.
Find out what kind of shops they were and why the buildings and lattices differ slightly!

Try your Hand at Calligraphy
Writing with a brush and Indian ink is how the Japanese people have been expressing themselves for ages.
Even now the children are being taught calligraphy at school or in private lessons, also as a way to learn manners.
In this tour we will visit an actual calligraphy school, and experienced Midori sensei will give you an enjoyable lesson in writing Japanese characters.
Take home a special souvenir afterwards!

Got a Sweet Tooth?
From traditional Japanese sweets to Western style cakes, Matsuyama district has it all:
Just the thing we need to get some energy.

Museum of Medicine
A visit of the former home of a wealthy medicine merchant shows us how the inside of a house back then looked like.
The old furniture, the huge earthen cooking stove, the servants’ quarters, two different baths,
and the gorgeous Japanese-style warehouse let us imagine how people lived here 200 years ago.
Can you find out what the rocks in the garden are representing?

Back to the Present
Before heading back to the city we pass one more time through the satoyama landscape on a slightly different route.
Nobles, merchants, and also immigrants from the continent used the road that takes us back to Haibara Station. This is where our tour ends.

We hope that through this tour you will be able to enjoy the Japanese countryside and perceive
how people lived now and then while also getting a deeper understanding of Japan and its culture.
We will strive to make this day a memorable one for you.

1person JPY 23,000
2ppl /per person JPY 16,000
3ppl /per person JPY 13,000
4ppl /per person JPY 11,500
5ppl /per person JPY 10,500

Departure Point
Kintetsu Haibara Station
Departure Time
10:10 at Kintetsu Haibara Station
Return Details
Kintetsu Haibara Station
English speaking guide fee
Japanese calligraphy lesson

Entrance fees
Take a white T-shirt for calligraphy with you.
E-bike rental fee ( 2,000yen / person )
Food and Drink
Bus fare ( in case of rain )

  • Confirmation will be received within 48 hours of booking, subject to availability
  • Please advise any specific dietary requirements at time of booking
  • In case of rain, we will use the bus
  • Comfortable clothes, shoes and a hat for riding bicycle.