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Osaka Lazy Bird Tour



Here we offer a luxurious tour in the afternoon that enables you to visit three of the most iconic tourist attractions in Osaka
after spending a leisurely morning or getting rid of your jet-lag.

Osaka has thrived as a capital of samurai lords and merchants through centuries and you can feel its history and culture when you visit here.
We will get a commanding view of the city from the 8th floor balcony on top of Osaka castle, in the same way as samurai lords did when overlooking their fief.

As Osaka is renowned for its unique food culture, it is known as ‘Japan’s Culinary Capital’.
Through this tour, you will encounter plenty of delicious local food including Takoyaki,
Okonomiyaki and lots more which originated in this hustle-bustle city.

What to Expect

◆ Osaka Castle

The castle beloved by the people of Osaka is a must-see. Let’s enjoy walking through the vast grounds which are beautifully arranged.
The castle surrounded by moats and stone walls was built as a symbol of power and of course to protect the warrior lords from enemies.
Many cunning devices are built into the approach and the castle itself.
While approaching it might be fun to presume that you were a samurai general or a ninja and think about how to attack this solid fortress.

◆ Kuromon Ichiba Market

Kuromon Ichiba Market, comprised of 150 stores, is famous for its fresh seafood which reminds us of the fact that Osaka is facing the sea.
It is a good venue for strolling, sampling, and snacking on a delicious variety of fresh local foods such as sushi, grilled shrimp and puffer fish.
Let’s enjoy the same food that Osakan people love so much to eat.

◆ Dotonbori

In Dotonbori let’s explore the maze of alleys with ever-changing sites that appear in front of us at each turn of a corner.
There are plenty of tiny shops, and you can guess what they deal in by looking at their unique signboards.

In Hozenji Temple, we face a very rare mystic Buddha (Mizukake Fudo) covered in moss as worshippers offer water each time when they give a prayer to the Buddha.
In the narrow alleys, you will see small torii gates painted on the walls of buildings. Find out about their ingenious purpose on site.
We will also take a walk around Ebisu Bridge, which is the most popular spot in Osaka.
Taking pictures with the iconic signboard ‘The Glico Man’ in the background will make for fun memories.

Departure Point
Osaka Visitors Information Center Namba

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  • Confirmation will be received within 48 hours of booking, subject to availability
  • We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes for walking
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