Special Shugendo (Mountain Asceticism) experience in Yoshino

KAMNAVI Tours is very proud to be able to offer a very special Shugendo experience in the birthplace of this uniquely Japanese religion.
We ask anyone who wants to participate to show respect to the sometimes unfamiliar rites.


From the best spots which represent Nara we have selected three places, including world cultural heritage sites and national treasures, and offer this tour to you.
The tour is designed so that you can experience these wonderful spots while being completely relaxed by touring around after the peak time and just before dinner time.

They say Nara is the only place in the world where about 1,200 wild deer roam freely.
You can get really close to those cute animals and you can enjoy taking memorable photos of your children and/or loved ones.

Let’s experience ancient Japanese culture and enjoy the sight of adorable animals.

What to Expect

◆ Todaiji Temple (National Treasure and World Heritage Site)

This ancient temple is renowned as the largest wooden building in the world.
Upon entering the corridor, you will be surprised at the scale of this temple.
After cleansing our hands and mouth at a purifying trough, let’s face the huge Buddha with his merciful gaze..

◆ Kasuga Taisha Shrine (National Treasure and World Heritage Site)

This is a historical shrine built around 1 300 years ago that holds about 1,000 branch shrines all over Japan.
There are more than 3,000 lanterns in its precincts, which are  the largest in Japan.
The contrast of vermillion and green of the buildings and the bronze and gold of the hanging lanterns harmonizes beautifully with the blue sky.
Let’s ask the deity enshrined here for the safety of your travel.

  • Naramachi

Naramachi is an area where traditional houses have been kept well preserved for over 150 years.
We will not only look at them from the outside, but get a feeling and learn about the traditional Japanese lifestyle by entering one of those houses.
In recent years, many young people have remodeled old houses to open stores and sell fashionable accessories.
Let’s enjoy the fascinating fusion of old and new.

[message_box title=”Price” color=”red”]
1person JPY 12,000
2ppl /per person JPY 6,000
3ppl /per person JPY 4,200
4ppl /per person JPY 3,200
5ppl /per person JPY 2,700



[acc_item title=”Important Information”]

Departure point
Kintetsu Nara Station East Ticket Gate
Departure time

4 hrs
Return details
Kintetsu Nara Station
Guide Fare
Admission fee
Food & Drink
Transport Fare

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  • Confirmation will be received within 48 hours of booking, subject to availability
  • We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes for walking



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