Wonderful Noh Play in Uda City

Various events are held in appreciation of the autumn harvest in rural Japanese areas.

The other day, I went to watch a Noh play which is such an event in Uda City, Nara prefecture.

The origin of Noh plays dates back to the Nara period (710-794). Nowadays we hardly have a chance to watch these plays, as the venues to perform them are limited and tickets are fairly expensive.

The one in Uda City was performed for free at a venerated shrine, Aki-jinja Shrine, which is said to have enshrined Amaterasu Omi-kami (the Japanese Goddess of the Sun) before they transferred her to Ise Shrine.

On the stage, Noh was performed in the dark at night and many people including school children were mesmerized by its subtle and profound atmosphere.

In Uda City, various events throughout the year are held besides the autumn festival.
Why don’t you check out the events of Uda and enjoy them with us?