JEGPRO Tour features
· We will guide you around the whole Kansai area including Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara.

· We provide ‘KAM NAVI tours’ which offer experiences deeply related to unique Japanese culture.
· Full-fledged bicycle tours are under planning and coming soon!

· Domestic travel service supervisor


Kommy Kondo

· Licensed guide (English) Business experiences in the USA, Canada, Peru, Chile, France, Scandinavia etc., so once was a frequent traveler.
Plenty of guide experience in Japan.
Born in Aichi prefecture and lives in Nara after spending a few years in Osaka.
Keen mountain climber.
Can recite Buddhist sutras.

Barbara Inui

· Swiss living in Yoshino Fluent in German, English and Yoshino dialect.
Though having lived a few decades in Japan, never got accustomed to the Japanese summer heat.
Practices Tai Chi. Licensed guide in Asuka district.
Has a detailed knowledge of Oku-Yamato (Uda, Asuka, Yoshino).


· Web designer & photographer
A typical Osakan. Born and grew up in local area, so is very familiar with attractions in Osaka.
Loves to travel, to drink, and to talk with many people.